Ambigram Wax Stamper


From a teenager to a Head-of-State, your personal ambigram seal will lend dignity, prestige, and a personal flair to letters, notes, cards, and even gift packaging.

How excited will your recipient be when they receive your card, letter or gift with your personal ambigram wax seal?  By using your own seal, you will uphold a time-honored tradition that dates back to the early Middle Ages.

The 1" stamping head on your wax stamper is made of solid brass and comes attached to a removable wooden handle (click "zoom / view other images" to see).  The stamper will arrive protected in a velour gift pouch.

The wax stamper comes with 2 sticks of wax for free, and you will be able to create 7-10 seals per stick of wax.  Please choose from one of the three colors listed.  Additional wax sticks available.  For best results, the wax should be melted with a standard glue gun.  Arrives in 4 to 7 days from date of order. Made in the USA.

To create a new ambigram on this wax stamper, click the Create New Ambigram button at the top of this page.
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Note: The fleur-de-lis flourish decoration (if present) can be removed, if desired.  Simply make a note at check-out under "Additional Instructions" to make a change to this item.

Note: Although you may choose Red, Silver or Gold for your wax sticks, the preview shown on this page can only display the ambigram wax seal in the color red.  Silver, Gold and Red are all available, and the colors appear as follows:

Silver Wax Seal
Silver Wax Seal
Gold Wax Seal
Gold Wax Seal

Red Wax Seal
Red Wax Seal

If you find the live preview difficult to view, this is the design that your wax stamper will produce:

Wax Stamper Preview

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