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FlipScript Ambigram Design

FlipScript's unique upside-down fonts make amazing ambigram tattoos. If you've been thinking about getting an ambigram tattoo, you can't do better than FlipScript's WyndeStorm and FyreWater fonts. Specifically designed to be professional and elegant while retaining a cool edge, the FlipScript ambigram fonts are the finest in the world.

You can create a normal ambigram for your forearm, a chain ambigram for your bicep, or a circle ambigram for your lower back (for example), and all designs are displayed to you with free previews before you order. If you think the free preview looks cool, just wait until you see the glorious, uncompressed, unwatermarked, full-size design!

Plus, for a limited time, FlipScript is creating free ambigram design artwork for designs that the generator can not produce (which is normally $37.50).

To make your own ambigram tattoo, click the button on the top of this page that says 'Create New Ambigram', and type in whatever words you would like to have in your ambigram...


Ambigram Generator Instructions
  1. Type in one or two words, names or phrases that are similar in length.
  2. Select a font style for your ambigrams.
  3. Click the "Make Previews" button to create a gallery of flippin' designs.
  4. When you find an ambigram you like, click one of the two buttons at the bottom to continue.
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FlipScript Ambigram Design

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