"Eco Luxury" Ambigram Bath Soaps


You can change the message on your eco-friendly ambigram bath soaps with the flick of a wrist when they have been personalized with your FlipScript ambigram design.

Each Vermont made, triple milled, vegetable based soap bar will come deep carved (not surface etched) with your FlipScript design in an antique white color that complements all bathroom color schemes.  A simple, appropriate yet addictive water-based Aqua Mineral fragrance is safe for those with allergies, sensitive skin or sensitive noses.  These Vermont made Eco Luxury soaps are prized by connoisseurs of fine soaps.  They make perfect wedding, shower and housewarming gifts and Oprah Winfrey has stated that these high quality eco friendly soaps are one of "Oprah's Favorite Things".

Three (3) full size 4.5 oz. oval shaped soaps comes in each "Eco Luxury" ambigram soap set.  Each soap arrives emdedded in its own black velvet lined cradle, inside a green Hemlock and Thyme box that comes pre-wrapped with a gold bow to allow it to be instantly presented as a gift.  Click "Zoom / View Other Images" to for a close-up and to view the gift box.  Created in the USA.

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