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Want to create a name ambigram? You're not alone. Whether its to connect your name with your significant other, meld your kids' names into one, or create an ambigram of your first and last name, names are the #1 thing to turn into ambigrams.

The ambigram of the word 'names' to the left is just an example to show what's possible. You can create a names ambigram from any two names you choose.

To create an ambigram out of two names (or any other words for that matter), just click the button on the top of this page that says 'Create New Ambigram', and type in any two words you'd like to use to create an ambigram.


Ambigram Generator Instructions
  1. Type in one or two words, names or phrases that are similar in length.
  2. Select a font style for your ambigrams.
  3. Click the "Make Previews" button to create a gallery of flippin' designs.
  4. When you find an ambigram you like, click one of the two buttons at the bottom to continue.
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FlipScript Ambigram Design

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